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Instruction For Enrolment

Enrolment is the process of registering the students in the Student Enrolment Portal. The Registration process can be accompolished by the student itself or the respective department personnels. Read the instructions carefully before registration.


  • Scanned copy of the photograph of the student not more than the size of 40 KB.
  • Scanned copy of the signature of the student not more than the size of 20 KB.

How to Enroll

Inorder to Enroll click on the "Enrolment " link at bottom left of this page and select the programme, Specialization subjects and the respective college of study. Fill the registration form. Once registration is complete the student will get a User Id and Password. Note down the User Id and Password for future use.If you are a Later Entry (LE) / Inter University Student (IUT) student click the links Enrolment (LE) , Enrolment (IUT) respectively.

Once registered student can Login to the Enrolment Portal by clicking the "Login" link on the menu bar. Provide the user name and password to enter the page. The follwing functions can be performed once logged in:

  • Edit Enrolment.
  • Change Password.


Enrolment ( LE )
Enrolment ( IUT )
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